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Ukrainian Heraldry Society (Ukrayinske Heraldychne Tovarystvo UHT) is a non-governmental public organisation, which works on researches in heraldry, sphragistics (sigillography), vexillology, genealogy, emblem creating.

It was established in 1990 in Lviv. Since 1995 it is a member of the International Federation of Vexillology Associations (FIAV) and the International Confederation of Genealogy and Heraldry (CIGH). UHT unites the main professionals: historians, lawyers, archives and museum workers out of all Regions of Ukraine. The annual scientific heraldic conferences are held, where common questions are discussed together with the scientists of neighbor countries. Also the subject seminars, exhibitions are being organized, different materials published. Since 1993 the herald "Znak" (the Sign) is being published by the UHT. Next periodical publications are: "Genealogichni zapysky UHT" (Genealogical Memoirs of the UHT, since 2000), "Reyestr osobovykh herbiv UHT" (Register of the Private Coat-of-Arms, since 2003) and "Korporatyvnyi herbivnyk" (Corporative Armorial, since 2010).

There is active cooperation with the archives and scientific institutions.

Ukrainian Heraldry Society makes catalogues of municipal emblems and flags, gives an overall help to local authorities on questions of archive materials, reconstruction of historical symbols or elaboration of the new ones. Members of the Society provide researches in heraldry, genealogy, emblems, sphragistics; they also consult and execute draft works on questions of creating of emblems and flags.

Postal address: Ukrainian Heraldry Society, P. O. Box 1569, Lviv, UA-79013, Ukraine

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